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Sat., Sept. 29
Sugar Town

It’s been a crap year for people with both brains and uteresus. What the world needs now is to get Doc deep in ‘90s riot-girl vibes, no? Yes. With that in mind, Dear Althea is the gateway plug into the latest Sugar Town showcase.  From the Dick-less Dale beach-party shimmy of  “Oh, Today” to the head-bobbing booby-bounce of “Girl V. Ex-Lover,” what we want now is chug after sweet chug of electric lady riffs. Joining in on the beautiful beats are the Pretty Greens—you used to know them as Go-Go’s tribute band Lust2Love—and Kate Ferencz. Billed as “a little Le Tigre, and a little bit Kimya Calvin K,” Ferencz has got a deliciously strange range, scraping weird sounds and words off the walls of those jagged hallways of acute anxiety that keep narrowing and narrowing until you have to write it all down in one big burst on the nearest napkin. That’s better. DJ set by Avalon Clare. -Tara Murtha
11pm. $8. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. 215.291.4919.

Philadelphia Weekly’s write up of the show!
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